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Madison Medical Marijuana Referendum

Madison Medical Marijuana Referendum

I was working at the our Store in Madison when another Medical Cannabis Store owner walked in and asked me to hang up a flyer.  After reading it, I was very dismayed!  Apparently the Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) and the Town of Madison disagree on whether the wording of their ordinance allowing Medical Cannabis Retail Sales in the town is valid.  According to the OCP, Madison should never have been able to allow stores to open.  The Town of Madison believes that they need to have a new election on Medical Cannabis Retail sales.  

So this is pretty crazy to me on a number of fronts.  In 2018 the Town citizens voted to allow Medical Cannabis sales in the town and forbid Adult Use sales in the town.  If the voting public has already expressed their will, why do we need a new election?  If the wording is wrong, just fixed the wording – the voters have spoken.

Another question has to do with the outcome.  If the Medical Cannabis Retail referendum goes AGAINST the stores and the stores have to shut down, not all stores will be shutting down.  Wicked Lettuce will be allowed to stay open!  So even if the voters actually vote to shut down the Medical Cannabis Retail Stores, they won’t all be shut down.  The only stores affected are Lakewood Cannabis, Puffbox, Pravda and Simple Twist as they all opened after the faulty ordinance was voted on.

Another question that I had had to do with OCP – were they right?  OCP has made mistakes and overstepped their boundaries with the Medical Cannabis industry before – several times in fact.  Did anyone place a call to the Town Attorney to see if what OCP alleged was actually correct?  The answer was no, they had not.

The Madison Medical Marijuana Retailers have combined put in hundreds of thousands of dollars into their respective facilities.  We employ people in the town.  We service a large and diversified patient base of not only Madison but the surrounding communities also.  We need your help!  On June 10 (yes, just six short weeks away), there will be a vote at the Middle school on this issue at 6PM.  It will be a secret ballot.  I sincerely hope that you will join us in preserving a valuable resource for our town and our people.